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4Q 2015: IBA Data Center & New Projects Launched

IBA Group Launches Data CenterIBA Group Launches Data Center

In November 2015, following the approval of a new business project by the Supervisory Board of the Belarusian High–Tech Park, IBA Group launched its data center. The IBA Data Center offers hosting, archiving, backup, and data recovery services to customers. In addition, the IBA Data Center provides cloud services, including IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service).

IBA Group Implements Project for SAP CIS

IBA Group received a letter from SAP CIS thanking IBA Group for contribution to the SAP ecosystem of SuccessFactors solutions in Russia and other CIS countries.  Since 1996, IBA has been applying SAP products in custom projects. To date, the IBA Group's expertise in SAP programming and SAP consulting includes more than 5.5 million hours of international SAP practice and numerous successful projects. 

IBA Group Named to 33rd Software 500IBA Group Named to 33rd Software 500

Conducted by Software Magazine, the Software 500 is a revenue–based ranking of the world's largest software and services suppliers. IBA Group was ranked 301, with a total software and services revenue of US$100.5 million.  IBA Group has been selected for Software 500 since 2008 when the company applied for inclusion for the first time.

IBA Group Wins HR Brand of Belarus 2015

IBA Group Wins HR Brand of Belarus 2015

On December 9, an awarding ceremony of HR Brand of Belarus 2015 was held in Minsk. The IBA Group's project Talent Constructor, a portal to manage personnel competencies won an award in the special category Choice of Experts based on the vote of more than 200 HR professionals. In addition, IBA Group received the second prize in the category Belarus National.

IBA Group Conducts Free Training for Belarusian Students

In October, IBA Group conducted a master class on SAP programming and ABAP tools for students of the Belarusian State University (BSU). The same month, IBA Group launched a three–month course in multiplatform programming for BSU students. Of 60 applicants, the best 20 students were selected to attend the course. On October 19, IBA Group launched the new training course Business Analytics and Introduction to Big Data for students of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR). Of 50 applicants, 15 students were selected for the course.

IBA Kz Certifies its Quality, Ecological, and Labor Safety Management Systems

IBA Kz, the IBA Group's development center in Kazakhstan, certified its systems of quality management, environmental management, and management of occupational safety and health. The relevant IBA Kz certificates were registered in the State Register of the State System of Technical Regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

IBA Group wishes you Happy New Year! 

 IBA Group wishes you Happy New Year 2016!