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Reseller Partnership Program

IBA USA is constantly looking to expand its presence on the US market by building a network of business partnerships across the country. We are interested to form different types of partnerships including technology partnership, reseller partnership, and education partnership. Please contact us and we will discuss the partnership program that can suit your needs.

Reseller Partnership

Our reseller partnership program is intended to bring together IBA Group’s vast technology expertise with partner’s sales expertise and established distribution channels, which will result in benefits for both sides. We feel that by rewarding our resellers financially and providing immediate technical support, we can form long-lasting and beneficial partnerships. We are working with individuals, private partnerships, corporations and other legal entities.

By joining our reseller partnership program, you will leverage the following benefits:

  • Earn profit from every successful referral that results in a contract for IBA USA.
  • Earn an unlimited amount of profit. Your remuneration depends on your involvement. The more time you spend developing prospective business contacts and managing client relations, the more you benefit. This program can become your source of income for many years.
  • Add value to your existing customer business relations by adding quality and cost-effective software development services to your portfolio.

By partnering with us, you get access to a solid 25-year expertise of 2,500+ IT professionals around the globe.

We will provide marketing and sales support for you, including consulting services and marketing materials. We have certain budget to cover your travel, marketing and sales expenses when doing business for us.

Join our reseller program today and earn additional profit! We are flexible in considering different forms of collaboration. To discuss reseller or other partnership options in detail, please fill out the form at IBA USA Contact page, and our representative will contact you shortly.