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“The IBA Minsk, Belarus team has been essential to the success of the Total Order Management Application and it is hard for me to find the words to express how delighted this customer is with their work. Fifteen years ago the Minsk team joined fellow programmers in the United States to develop and now enhance this multi-million dollar supply chain application for IBM Microelectronics. Our organization has been privileged to work with many other contracting groups but the skills, dedication, innovation, and team work that the Minsk folks bring to our project are by far best of breed. Over the years they have listened to our needs envisioning the future even before we could articulate it. The IBA team has always been committed and responsive to our changing work requests and they have quickly adopted new technologies and development processes to make improvements and help bring value quicker to the customer. They are the heart and soul of our project and I still find it amazing how well we understand and communicate even with the physical, language, and time-zone barriers between us. It is a privilege to do business with such a high performing organization.” 
Laura Sutcliffe
Team Lead

“I have appreciated the partnership that we have had with IBA which for me started about 15 years ago. Your team has proven to be skilled and dedicated to our mutual success. Thank you!” 
John Worthmann
Business Area Manager

“IBA offers customer friendly and high-skilled services to its customers and shows flexibility to still deliver when asked about applications or topics that are up to that point out of scope.”
Cor Gabriëls
IT Manager Finance & HCM — EMEA
Rockwell Automation B.V.

“We just delivered our TSM Client 6.2.2 PTF, and I can say the 6.2.2 PTF was one of our more complex PTF deliveries. TSM 6.2.2 was challenging in many areas and many thanks go out to the Minsk team members that helped with development, test, defects and the APAR fixes that were shipped with the 6.2.2 Clients. The significant work efforts mentioned here are just a few of the more critical ones where the analysis, coding and testing had to be done very quickly while maintaining a high standard of quality. The year 2010 was a challenging year, especially in service, and I want to thank the team for their responsiveness and flexibility in being able to shift their focus quickly as the priorities changed. Your continual efforts on identifying skill needs, the cross training and workload balancing are a key reason we consistently meet our L2 assist turnaround times and our APAR and defect targets while again maintaining high quality standards .”
Gary Coleman
IBM Software Group, Tivoli
TSM Global Resources Manager

“On behalf of the Tivoli OMEGAMON IMS team, I would like to thank IBA for the assistance in supporting the OMEGAMON XE for IMS product. The IBA team showed a lot of engagement, and produced timely fix resolutions to customers’ problems. The solutions have obtained very good references from our customers since 2007. The team members' availability was a key success factor for the project. It was a very positive experience to work with the IBA team because they always supported the project. Thanks again for the great job you made during the last three years.”
James Berry
Manager, OMEGAMON XE for IMS
IBM Software Group

“Our experience with the IBA team (actually for 12 years, since 1999 when they traveled to us) has always been positive.  It is so rare these days to be able to work with the same team year after year, and that is exactly what we need.  We need teams that are dependable, dedicated and have a desire to learn the business knowledge and contribute even more. That is how IBA has demonstrated excellence and we very much appreciate working with all of you.”
Stephanie Adams
Business Area Manager
IBM GBS Application Services

“I want to take this opportunity to thank IBA SAP COF team for your successful delivery of Returns Iteration 4!  I know this was a challenging and complex release.  I appreciate your continued dedication to the on-time and high quality delivery of the critical enhancements our clients need to improve their business.  You should be very proud of this accomplishment! I remain privileged to have the opportunity to work with such a great team!”
Bob Swaney   
MD Customer Order Fulfillment, STG Marketing, Sales and Blue Harmony
Business Area Manager
IBM Global Business Services, Endicott, NY

“I'd like to take the time to thank IBA for the work they completed for us on a new compliance tool. Many of our clients had voiced a need for a tool that would help them control who had access to their applications. There were a few tools that helped with this, but no tool that did all of the work needed and most of these tools were very hard to use.  Many of our clients found it easier to manually perform all necessary tasks (which was very time consuming) than to use the existing tools. The IBA team came up with a design that covered all standards, concerns and issues.  From that they were able to give a sizing to the effort required.  This sizing was easily converted into a schedule. They created a presentation that we went to the client with for approval to begin work.  This presentation was of extremely high quality.  All clients gave the approval to continue the development. Tasks were created and assigned,  a communication vehicle was set up, and the work began. The IBA team was up to the challenge! The work was completed on schedule!  To show the interface to the clients, IBA suggested that we set up a Lotus Live meeting and demonstrate the tool itself, rather than make a presentation.  This turned out to be exactly the right thing to do.  After our demo all clients were given the application to test.  The testing results were amazing, The clients only came back with a few suggestions of changes — no errors — no misses! Working with the IBA ream is a pleasure each and every day!  I can depend on them to get the job done no matter the obstacles.  There is nothing that can make a project manager feel more comfortable than to have one of their team mates suggest that another course of action might be better.  They are always very professional, courteous, polite, and a joy to work with! Thanks for all the great work!”
Sue Morgan
LN Project Manager
IBM USA, Global Business Services

“I just wanted to take a second to thank the entire IBA production support team for the excellent service and support that you have provided on the Hitachi account over the past nine plus years. This was a highly successful project for us, and in many ways due in large part to the IBA teams creative and innovative contributions to Hitachi GST development. Thank you for your hard work and dedication over the years.
I want to wish the entire IBA team good luck with your future endeavors and hope we get the opportunity to work together again some day. It has been a pleasure working with the IBA team for the last nine years.”
Claudia Corino
Delivery Project Executive
IBM Global Business Services

“I am very impressed with IBA’s ability to provide very good candidates within a few business days. Overall a very good and professional working relationship.”
Jochen Le Large
IT Director for the EMEA region
Rockwell Automation

“The team was given a difficult assignment that meant rescuing a project that was behind schedule and that had suffered from inexperienced engineers not being able to deliver the required functionality. To make matters more difficult, our client had no system documentation for us that could be used to speed up the learning curve. Team members have proven themselves to be outstanding engineers and a pleasure to work with. They tackle each and every problem efficiently and effectively and have put the project back on track. IBA provides excellent customer service and the engineers' performance has been exceptional. I look forward to doing more business with IBA.”

“Twice again, I've been very impressed with IBA's performance. The engineers we're getting for our team are continuously proving themselves to be talented and dedicated. For the 1st project, your employees took a horribly difficult situation and have stabilized it in a few short weeks. Our client is happy again and the support is being handled well. For the 2nd project, the team has provided great technical solutions for tough problems and have stayed late and worked diligently to deliver a lot of work in a short amount of time. This client is also very happy. Making the switch to IBA has proven to be a great decision for us and we expect to continue to adding more and more IBA engineers to our team.”
Ted Elsas

“I have had the pleasure of working with this team for many many years. They consistently provide tremendous work in a timely manner.”
Nancy Palmer
Global Data Operations Project Manager
Lenovo WW

“Our IBA team is responsible for SAP ABAP development. IBA has been a valuable member of our development team since 1997 and continues to meet and exceed our expectations in quality and service. Our team is extremely conscientious, reliable and flexible.”
Kim Schreiber
IBM Global AMS Delivery
Project Manager
Supporting SAP Application Development

“Though I've only been working with the Minsk team for a short while it didn't take long to walk away impressed. Not only do they have exceptional technical skills, they also excel at working with the customer, and with picking up new technologies. Although I primarily use them for Lotus Notes development type activities, they have proven just a valuable on other projects using alternate technologies such as Lotus Approach, JavaScript, etc. Their ability to jump into these new technologies, learn on the fly, and make a major impact on the final product is not only impressive but also essential when managing dynamic projects with constant change. Their pro-active attitudes and desire to enhance the delivered product has been felt on all of my applications and is greatly appreciated. Thank you Minsk team…”
Jason Vincent
Project Manager
IBM Global Services

“It is a pleasure working with the IBA programmers in Minsk. They are very responsive to our needs as well as our customer's. The programmers maintain a professional attitude, learn quickly, and their coding practices are excellent. They are proactive and aggressive in the programming areas and offer innovative solutions. They consistently maintain excellent relationships and communications with their team, team leader, project manager and customer, providing project status on a timely basis. Overall, we are very pleased with the Minsk Team.”
David Tucker
Project Manager
SAP Production Support
IBM Global Services