Engineering customer-centric solutions through trusted relationships & technology that bridge the legacy of the past with the landscape of the future.

We are more than a solutions provider. We are a partner who puts you at the center of everything we do. We listen, care, and deliver the best for you, every time.
Our success is your success. We partner with you to make your business work better.
Our experienced engineers are driven by excellence and work tirelessly for you.
50International Awards for Excellence
14Global Presence in 14 Countries
35,000Years of Engineering Excellence

About Us

A software service provider with optimized business processes and a proven history of customer interaction, IBA Group has a 30-year expertise in complex multiplatform projects. Our clients entrust us with legacy transformation and intelligent automation solutions that drive efficiencies. In 1998, IBA Group established IBA USA to bring company’s services closer to US customers. Today, IBA USA is in charge of delivering the IBA expertise to our US customers. Clients value IBA Group for our unsurpassed ability to solve their IT challenges. With us, businesses gain momentum, resulting in maximized performance and innovation.


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