Yauheni Soupeev

Division Director

IBA Group

Yauheni Soupeev began his career at IBA Group in 2000 as a Software Engineer.

Over the course of his tenure at IBA Group, Yauheni has worked on various projects for industry leaders such as IBM, utilizing his practical knowledge of Project Management tools and Agile methodology. His thorough understanding of all stages of the software development process led to his promotion to Director of the Digital Transformation Division in 2021.

In his current role, Yauheni is responsible for optimizing operations by streamlining service roadmaps, establishing goals and guidelines, coordinating managers and departments, and developing strategies.

Yauheni Soupeev’s educational background includes a degree in Computer Systems and Networks in 1999, and an MBA degree in 2012.

A project managed by Yauheni won IT Europa’s 2012 European IT Excellence Awards in the Information Management, Database Solution category.

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