Automating Remote Employee Onboarding with Camunda & EasyRPA


Large-scale European IT company


Optimize the employee onboarding process, enhancing efficiency and employee satisfaction.


The client faced onboarding challenges heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. They needed an efficient remote solution to integrate new hires effectively.


  • Difficulties in implementing business processes that required physical presence of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Need to transform business processes maintaining the compliance standards

Project Team

  • Delivery Manager
  • Camunda Expert/Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Camunda/Java lead Developer
  • AI Developer
  • Data Analyst

Project Duration

Four months

Implementation Stages

  • Process Analysis: Identified automation areas in the current onboarding process
  • Automation Identification: Pinpointed key components for automation
  • Pandemic Impact Assessment: Analyzed COVID-19 challenges affecting HR interactions
  • Technical Solution Selection: Chose Camunda for workflow, EasyRPA for automation, and AI for document handling
  • New Process Design: Developed a coordinated onboarding process with Camunda
  • EasyRPA Implementation: Automated profile and document processing
  • HR System Integration: Ensured data accuracy and minimized errors
  • Task Automation: Streamlined HR and employee tasks
  • Notification System: Set up process stage alerts for stakeholders

Benefits for the Customer

  • Streamlined onboarding
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency


  • Reduced onboarding time from several days to just 4 hours
  • Higher Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS): 8% increase
  • High process accuracy: 67% reduction in error-caused document reruns
  • Improved document recognition: 85% accuracy rate
  • Enhanced company reputation through rapid adaptation and workflow improvement

Lessons Learned

  • Embrace adaptability and rapid change management
  • Leverage advanced automation technologies and solutions to increase quality and minimize errors
  • Monitor ongoing feedback to refine processes
  • Provide employee training for tech proficiency and seamless integration into business processes
  • Ensure that every change you implement improves customer experience and enhances employee satisfaction
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