Middleware-Free Solution for Improvement of Big File Transfer in SAP ERP


For more than 15 years, IBA Group has been a trusted partner to a global international tire producer. The company has a complex IT landscape that incorporates solutions from SAP and other vendors. The company approached IBA Group with a request to modify the process of transferring large files between different SAP and non-SAP systems, seeking a tailored SAP solution for their file transfer needs.


The client faced a number of challenges, including a multitude of file transfer interfaces within the ABAP programs that connect SAP systems to SAP and non-SAP legacy systems. Their existing solution utilized a non-user-friendly external UNIX command call for FTP file transfers. The architecture was complex, relying on two middleware systems, namely SAP PI and Axway Integration Manager. Additionally, their monitoring tools for file transfers were insufficient and new security rules mandated the use of middleware systems.


IBA Group developed and implemented a comprehensive solution. IBA experts created an ABAP framework, leveraging proxy calls to SAP PI and SAP ALE for Axway Integration Manager. This SAP custom development framework replaced the existing file transfer mechanisms and all ABAP programs were updated to integrate with this new framework.


The new framework brought about transformative results. It became possible to conduct file transfers without middleware systems. This enabled the transfer of large files and eliminated the need for additional middleware licenses.

The introduction of new SAP monitoring tools empowered the business to monitor the actual status and logs of file processing and transfers without middleware systems. Additionally, the solution ensured compliance with the new security rules, while providing the flexibility to utilize secure connection protocols available in the middleware systems (SFTP, OFTP, AS2, AS3, etc.) for file transfers. This SAP solution not only met the client’s needs but also improved efficiency and compliance in their file transfer processes.

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