IBA Group Data Centers Use Innovative Heat Recovery Technology

May 12, 2021

Technology solutions leader repurposes energy from data centers to heat corporate campus Fitness Center

IBA Group is a responsible corporate citizen that invests in society and contributes to environmental protection. This includes applying innovative technology solutions to reduce waste, mitigate energy consumption, and promote sustainability for its clients and across its own operation. Further, CSR commitments extend to creating healthier employee spaces for work, recreation, wellness, and education.

The corporate headquarter saves fuel and energy resources across facilities. Buildings use energy-efficient power, heat, hot water supply, ventilation, and air conditioning. Sustainable spaces include offices, the IBA Data Center, and the IBA Fitness Center.

In the case of the Fitness Center, IBA Group put its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission into practice in a unique way. Citing responsibility to sustainability and employee wellness, IBA Group zeroed in on ways to improve data energy consumption. This includes applying innovative technologies to repurpose heat energy generated by its data centers. Then, in turn, utilizing the heat generated by the data centers to heat the Employee Fitness Center.

To do so, engineers apply heat recovery technology. The low-grade heat the servers generate is routed to the Fitness Center to heat water and interior air. In addition to preventing data center heat energy waste, this enables the Fitness Center to use an independent heat source, without having to rely on public utilities, and draw more energy.

IBA Group CSR Team

Although the payoff period for the system is long, we opted for it to save energy and have independent water heating.

As is the case with many sustainability initiatives, ease and cost savings often do not occur up front. However, IBA Group recognizes the long-term value of energy recovery, innovative technology solutions; as well as the commitments to the people with whom they work, and the spaces they share.

Learn more about IBA Group’s CSR commitments.

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