IBA Group Launches Public Cloud Platform

May 26, 2021

New public cloud platform from IBA Group is half as expensive, and faster than competitors

Earlier this year IBA Group launched its own cloud platform. The IBA Cloud, a public cloud solution, is cheaper and faster than leading cloud platforms. IBA Cloud offers ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing and a ‘universe of services’ for ease of migration from other platforms.

IBA’s ICDC platform and virtual private servers support the service that boasts high-performing GPUs. IBA Group originally engineered and offered the platform to IT developers, who have rigid requirements to cloud hosting. It is now available to individuals and businesses, with the same proven history of reliability.

Aliaksei HrechushkinIBA Cloud Team Lead

IBA Cloud’s advantages are: ease of deployment, lower cost, high variety of development services, and high performing hardware. IP subnets provide for secure access to data.

The new cloud solution uses NVMe hard drives that exceed traditional SSD speeds by 2-3 times. NVMe hard drives provide higher IOPS and support thousands of parallel queues, leveraging multicore CPUs and gigabytes of memory. This generates improved applications performance and cloud-hosted services.

IBA Cloud offers flexible ‘Pay-as-You-Go’ model pricing, at 50% less than other cloud providers. Customers only pay for the actual time that they use the VPS. Uptime schedules are flexible. Users can schedule and adjust downtime to off shift and can adjust resources according to needs. The service enables customers to configure resources flexibly for their VPS and tailor virtual machines to exact needs. In contrast to predefined configurations, all VPS parameters – CPUs, RAM, Disk, GPUs – are managed independently.

Additionally, the new public cloud solution from IBA Group offers backup and recovery; task scheduling and resource application; and load balancing tools. All resources are provided in VPC, where customers can fully control their environments. These security-driven features include allocating private IP subnet, managing network visibility, and configuring routing tables and gateways.

To facilitate migration from other cloud platforms, IBA Cloud engineers developed a comprehensive set of SaaS tools – over 100 images for fast deployment.

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