Statistics and probability, coupled with Machine Learning algorithms and modern processing power transform accurate decision-making, pattern recognition, and forecasting from science fiction to our reality.

Computer Vision

Computer Wision

IBA Group provides solutions to help retailers and manufacturers improve production line quality control and operations. Use drones to help organizations optimize preventive maintenance of geographically distributed assets.


Natural Language Processing

Green field SAP implementation

We help our clients implement solutions to decrease customer service times. With automation of customer feedback and incoming document text processing, business can deliver more to their customers.


Predictive Analytics

Green field SAP implementation

Uncovering trends and patterns in data provides endless opportunities to predict sales, costs, and budgets. Sales organizations see drastic improvements in marketing campaigns and sales results.


Cluster Analysis & Segmentation

Green field SAP implementation

Using data-driven solutions, IBA Group helps our clients improve customer segmentation for better marketing results. For the finance industry, when applied to large data sets, identified data anomalies improve fraud prevention.



Green field SAP implementation

Observations of data recorded at regular intervals uncovers trends and patterns in time. IBA Group makes forecasting alignment of business results and objectives more precise than ever.


Recommender Systems

Green field SAP implementation

With in-depth analysis of digital user behavior and preferences, IBA Group provides solutions that personalize cross-sell and up-sell recommendations.


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