Increase performance and enhance employee creativity with intelligent automation. Automate data extraction and classification despite complexities.


Intelligent Automation from IBA Group empowers you to orchestrate users, tasks, systems, and robots that align with business needs. Intelligent Automation systems from IBA Group learn from data, identify patterns, and make smart decisions.

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Intelligent Automation

Pilot Projects

Green field SAP implementation

Start your automation journey and quickly validate the alignment of your processes with business objectives. Your results will be ready within weeks.


Automation Center of Excellence

SAP roll-outs

Get yourself your own in-house automation team in the most efficient way. IBA Group experts will provide guidance, training, and skillset to facilitate your launch.


AI Enablement

Green field SAP implementation

Enhance your processes with the power of AI. Increase the complexity and accuracy of decisions made by your robots leveraging Machine Learning techniques.


Refactor and Support

SAP roll-outs

Once your processes are automated and deployed, IBA team will ensure that they perform in the most optimal way. We will also help you make them adaptable to the changing business requirements.


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