Increase performance and enhance employee creativity with intelligent automation. Automate data extraction and classification despite complexities.


Intelligent Automation from IBA Group empowers you to orchestrate users, tasks, systems, and robots that align with business needs. Intelligent Automation systems from IBA Group learn from data, identify patterns, and make smart decisions.

Intelligent Automation


Intelligent Automation empowers you to orchestrate users, tasks, systems, and robots that align with business needs. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial intelligence (AI), automate processes, simplify and accelerate repetitive tasks, and empower employees to do more.

Intelligent Automation systems from IBA Group learn from data, identify patterns, and make smart decisions.


As experienced solutions providers who have worked across industries on RPA, AI, and other innovations, we understand the importance of delivering sustainable, multi-faceted, and trusted solutions. With intelligent automation solutions from IBA Group, our clients increase performance and enhance employee creativity. They are able to automate data extraction and classification despite complexities.

Our Intelligent Automation solutions allow your organization to

  • Boost productivity
  • Make intelligent decisions
  • Focus on tasks that add value
  • Improve customer and employee experience

We cover the entire automation cycle. Our Intelligent Automation teams include solution architects, Machine Learning (ML) engineers, Single Page Application (SPA) developers, data analysts, Development Operations (DevOps) engineers, and project managers.


RPA and Artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more important for many organizations today, as the COVID19 accelerated the need to remove humans from a number of business processes to avoid the spread of the pandemic.

The benefits of improving workflow with RPA and AI are not limited to the pandemic. These include a more efficient use of the time and potential of employees, improved customer experience, and a stronger control over business processes. Therefore, the focus is on saving time, improving quality, and reducing risk.


Intelligent automation appeals to businesses for a variety of reasons. First, and in many ways, most importantly, RPA is easy to use. However, as much as RPA is an easy-to-use solution, it is not a simple one to put in place. In part because of its power and because it touches so many facets of your organization.

When working with RPA solutions, you are bound to encounter complexities at every stage. You may select the processes are not best suited for automation or choose an automation platform that does not meet your needs. Your automated processes may fail to communicate with one another or with other enterprise applications.

Companies encounter problems when trying to roll out the automated processes to other business units or expand the automation to cover other business processes. In some cases, it is hard to orchestrate individual automated operations to work in concert. Even more problems come into play when you need to upgrade your automation solution. 

Those complexities are resolved with the right guide. We believe that every company should have the opportunity to implement intelligent automation. We honor our commitment to that belief by designing products and processes that make automation possible with the needs and teams you currently have.


You can select, implement, and maintain intelligent automation solutions with the guidance of a trusted, experienced advisor who brings the business insight and programming power necessary to turn automation investments into essential, money-making solutions for your business now and for the future.

That all starts with hard-won development knowledge and a commitment to engineering excellence. We can assist you in scaling to meet your evolving needs. We have also proven standards of support to help you grow, resolve errors, and initiate repairs. Other areas where we can help include

  • Assessing project feasibility
  • Developing solution architecture
  • Creating robots and activating ML algorithms
  • Integrating and deploying a smart automation platform
  • Training and support of your team
  • Assisting in the setup your own Center of Excellence


Our commitment to excellence runs deep. We put our time, energy, and expertise to work in our Center of Excellence, which includes more than 120 certified experts who have worked to automate hundreds of processes. Through the Center of Excellence, we work with Automation Anywhere, UiPath, WorkFusion BluePrism, and other platforms to bring the best of automation to you.

At IBA Group, we have a wealth of use cases for business process automation, spanning company sizes, industries, and countries. Our teams, led by veteran engineers, have automated more than 500 processes since 2016.  As other companies were still discovering what RPA is, we at IBA Group were already using it to bring value, efficiencies, and cost savings to our clients.

Intelligent automation, like any enterprise technology, requires input from developers, project managers, business analysts, and other IT staff. As an option, it is also possible to work with an experienced provider instead of building a large center of excellence in-house.


IBA Group engineers work with the following platforms to deliver the best intelligent automation solutions for your business.

Intelligent Automation platformsThese platforms are popular and they offer powerful solutions that fit a range of specific and complex needs.


Intelligent automation is often viewed as a technology that can replace people, but it is smarter to think in terms of how it can help people do their job better. IBA Group’s automation solutions support the human-in-the-loop feature, where human employees and RPA robots work together.


The right bot governance is essential for successful automation. The most feasible way is to integrate the existing governance practices into the RPA development process. Libraries of reusable components must be a part of the core system capabilities.

Expert programming from IBA Group allows you to follow a consistent set of codified standards for all robots in your organization and to organize qualified process support in production.


RPA is just one part of a transformation to a digital business environment. Strategies such as RPA can entirely redefine how a business model works.  Technology changes quickly, but with a steady partner, you are prepared to head confidently into the future and open the next chapter in the automation story. Finally yet importantly, an automation strategy should envision AI/Machine Learning integration.  The automation platform must enable developers to scale RPA initiatives and drive hyper-automation.


IBA Intelligent Automation benefitsIBA engineers and developers have years of expertise working with a variety of automation tech stacks. Our clients benefit from that expertise in a variety of ways, from cost savings to efficiencies, to all the value that comes with smooth, stress-free transitions to automation solutions.

At IBA Group, we automate business processes in a variety of industries, from banking, finance, insurance, and healthcare, to manufacturing, retail, transportation, and logistics. Additionally, our clients include IT and analytics companies, and all businesses that deal with labor-intensive tasks. We help all these businesses across industries to use intelligent automation to resolve manual errors and streamline repetitive operations.

As innovations continue to come onto the scene in the world of intelligent automation, we are excited to help you save more money and more time, increase efficiencies, optimize human capital, and empower your employees to do more for your business and your customers. Intelligent automation is the future, and that it is an exciting and worthwhile investment for your organization to make.

Pilot Projects

Green field SAP implementation

Start your automation journey and quickly validate the alignment of your processes with business objectives. Your results will be ready within weeks.


Automation Center of Excellence

SAP roll-outs

Get yourself your own in-house automation team in the most efficient way. IBA Group experts will provide guidance, training, and skillset to facilitate your launch.


AI Enablement

Green field SAP implementation

Enhance your processes with the power of AI. Increase the complexity and accuracy of decisions made by your robots leveraging Machine Learning techniques.


Refactor and Support

SAP roll-outs

Once your processes are automated and deployed, IBA team will ensure that they perform in the most optimal way. We will also help you make them adaptable to the changing business requirements.


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