3 Reasons We are Grateful to Our Customers

November 24, 2021  |  Andrew Dvirnyk

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US. One thing we appreciate about this holiday – and this entire time of year – is that it gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on what we are grateful for.

As we take this time, we realize that we are grateful for so many things. And they all start in the same place: with our customers. We invite you to take a moment and reflect with us as we celebrate how our customers have helped us grow. And how they continue to open up new opportunities for our teams this year and beyond.

Customers Stretch the Boundaries of Our Creativity

As needs continue to evolve, and technology evolves to meet those needs, creativity becomes more important than ever. Over the course of this year, our clients have come to us with a broad range of needs and goals.

Simply put, we all deserve more than plug-and-play solutions. We deserve customized solutions that utilize technology to create real improvements for consumers, employees, commuters, and patrons. But how can we create solutions with those qualities if we don’t take the time to listen and collaborate? So, we thank our clients for having real conversations with us. For letting us get a peek inside their worlds, to learn more about what their customers need, and what the success of their operations demand.

Inspire Us to Build Stronger Employee Experiences

Working with so many different types of businesses that have a wide range of responsibilities both in-house and to their customers, demonstrates the importance of employee experience. No organization can succeed without a backbone of a strong, positive employee experience.

In many cases, we are able to utilize technology to help organizations improve experiences for their employees. With our help, organizations improve efficiency, and free up time for employees to engage in more creative work that enables them to have a bigger impact on their company and the clients they serve.

With everything from applications for mainframe, to cloud hosting, and SAP integration, we work to improve employee environments, enhance employee experiences, and create spaces for professionals to tap into their creativity and apply their talents in new ways.

In turn, working with clients that challenge and inspire us, helps to improve our own employees’ experiences. From taking advantage of training and community-building exercises to the day-to-day work delivering new, creative solutions for our customers, our own employees feel engaged and excited about the work we do. And that is directly because of our customers!

Co-Create the SMART Future We Envision

Finally, we are most grateful to our customers for entrusting us to co-create the future we all deserve. When we say we view our customers as partners, that’s not some nice-to-have marketing aphorism. It is the truth of how we design solutions, engage with each other, and work together to create sustainable improvements for the needs of the present and the future.

We learn something (actually, many things!) from all our customers. From getting inside urban transit systems, to looking at the inner workings of large banking institutions, we get to know our customers and theirs. We learn what timelines mean in a wide range of high stakes environments. We listen to find out how to design for privacy and safety needs in our ever-changing global environment. Sometimes that means diverting extra attention to solving for contactless payment challenges. Other times, it means connecting large enterprises with AI solutions the uniquely suit them – and their employees.

Whatever problem we set out to solve, or enhancement we decide to co-create, none of it can be done without a collaboration built on trust, talent, and mutual respect. To get to do this kind of collaborative work every day around the world, and to get to bring our valued customers closer to their own customers is a privilege. We are grateful to them, and we are grateful to you.

As the Thanksgiving Holiday kicks off, we raise a glass to our customers, for continuing to challenge, inspire, and motivate us. Cheers!

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