Developing Multi-Level User Friendly Logistics Solution


A few years ago, a European startup specializing in IT services in the transport and logistics industries approached IBA Group to develop a  logistics system consisting of many components, including support for logistics operations, control over their execution, and background data.

The startup’s main task was to upgrade the existing inconvenient user part, making it more flexible and adaptable to future changes.


logistics solution

The first challenge was the lack of staff to satisfactorily complete the task for the end client. Assembling the team alone would take too much time, considering it could be better spent on performance. It was agreed that forfeiting time could put the project at risk and lead to the loss of a promising customer.

Other challenges included the lack of precise initial requirements and the absence of a detailed solution description. Without the project’s final architecture, it wasn’t clear what the final solution would be for the end client.

Key Objectives

The main goal was to develop a new logistics system, which would cover about twenty different processes, depending on the particular business procedure. This entailed the need to optimize and unify business processes.

The complexity of the task for the IBA Group team was that the system had to be developed almost from scratch, relying only on a general description of the end customer’s business processes. What the system would look like and how it should work became the team’s task.

IBA Group's Assistance

The deadlines were tight, which is why the startup made a great choice in hiring IBA Group as their ready-made team. Valuable time was saved as there was no need to conduct interviews with individual candidates; the main issues were discussed with the delivery manager from IBA Group’s side, who, in turn, selected the right team for the startup needs.

The IBA Group team consisted of a Scrum Master/Business Analyst, backend and frontend developers, and QA engineers. IBA Group developed the design jointly with the customer and used the proprietary ICDC cloud throughout the process.

The IBA Group team carried out a complete development cycle — from business analysis to DevOps and testing. Currently, IBA Group continues to cooperate with this startup on other projects.

Solution Highlights

First, the IBA Group team defined the scope, that is what the system modules should include and how to approach the problem of business unification. There was also a simultaneous implementation and formalization of requirements directly to the software.

The IBA Group team used Scrum processes to be flexible to constant change, given the uncertainty about what the final solution would look like.

The interaction of the IBA team with the client was based on the following two components:

  1. Sprint planning, so that the client would understand what to expect in two weeks
  2. Feedback from each sprint. If necessary, the IBA Group team corrected their actions. During the sprint, the Scrum Master handled the interaction with the client.

The progress of the tasks and the uniformity of their implementation displayed in the burndown chart indicated team’s constant improvement from sprint to sprint. Regularly, once a week, the team worked on their backlog and held retrospectives at the end of each sprint.

Key Results

Logistics solution

  1. A newly-developed system, which the client successfully implemented for its customer. A startup couldn’t have completed such a large-scale task on their own
  2. Optimization of the end customer’s logistics business processes
  3. Smooth and effective interaction with the client thanks to Scrum

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