20 Industry Experts Speak On The Outsourcing Market in EE

November 14, 2019

For some of your readers, CEE is a new outsourcing destination, but we in Belarus have been involved in IT outsourcing here since the early 1990s. Belarus served as an IT hub for the entire USSR and preserved its IT traditions until the present time. Our developers are well-known for having university educations not just in IT, but also in mathematics, physics, and other scientific disciplines.

Our corporate teams are known for reliability and low employee turnover. Given our long IT traditions, local companies have deep expertise in old and new technologies and therefore provide legacy transformation.

The world-known giants like IBM, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon use our services. If you still have doubts, come to Belarus and see everything with your own eyes. We would be happy to welcome you, build cooperation, and eventually make friends with you!

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