IBA Group Demos Mainframe DevX at SHARE Orlando 2024

March 18, 2024

IBA Group discussed Mainframe DevX at the SHARE Conference in Orlando held from March 3 to March 7, 2024. As both presenters and exhibitors, IBA Group had the opportunity to share expertise in open source, DevOps, and Zowe™ plugins with fellow attendees.

SHARE stands out as the premier event for mainframe technical professionals seeking to connect with peers and vendors, enhance their skills, and explore new directions. This year’s conference gathered an impressive list of participants, featuring many emerging names in the mainframe market. Highlights included discussions on AI, product updates, system administration, application development topics, and cybersecurity. Additionally, this year’s conference marked the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the mainframe, adding a special significance to the event.

During the session, Uladzislau Kalesnikau, IBA Group’s speaker, delved into Next-Gen Mainframe DevX with tools like IntelliJ IDEA, Jenkins, and GitHub. The presentation offered insights into how to improve the Developer Experience (DevX) for mainframe systems, streamline source code development, and harness modern tools for automation and efficiency. Specifically, it detailed the Build Stage of IBA Group’s DevOps suite, which includes Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe™ plugins. The audience well- received the live demo of IBA Group’s DevOps Suite, giving positive feedback and valuable suggestions during the Q&A session.

The conversation about mainframe DevX carried on at IBA Group’s booth, drew interest from SHARE attendees, including prospective clients and vendors. Another highlight was AutoMan, a tool engineered to enable automation and interaction between all parts of the mainframe software, making fully autonomous z/OS systems possible.

We extend our gratitude to the SHARE Association for organizing this remarkable event. The collaboration of volunteers, speakers, partners, and attendees made SHARE Orlando 2024 an invaluable forum for sharing knowledge, learning, and progressing together. IBA Group eagerly anticipates future discussions on DevOps, Zowe™, and the transformative impact of mainframe technology at upcoming SHARE events.

IBA Group’s DevOps Suite Powered by Zowe™

IBA Group’s involvement in the Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe™ initiative aligns with the company’s strategy to modernize mainframes, making them more accessible to a new generation of developers and users. The Zowe™ plugins developed by IBA Group’s squad automate various stages of mainframe application development, facilitating a comprehensive DevOps pipeline from building to deploying and reporting results. These plugins laid the foundation for IBA Group’s DevOps Suite powered by Zowe™, an ecosystem of tools aimed at enhancing mainframe DevOps. It includes specific plugins tailored for the IntelliJ platform, bridging the gap between traditional mainframe systems and modern development environments, simplifying access to mainframe resources for Java and Kotlin developers, among others.

To dive deeper into IBA Group’s DevOps Suite powered by Zowe™, read our article. Stay tuned for an upcoming article focusing on the updated version of IBA Group’s DevOps Suite, particularly the Build Stage.  Feel free to reach out to us to explore how IBA Group’s DevOps Suite powered by Zowe™ can elevate your mainframe DevOps journey.

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