SAP Support Services

Why SAP support services are required

SAP Application Support Services are critical for the long-term success of any system. Customers need to ensure that their applications are up and running, stable, secure, and aligned with the changing business environment. Customers need SAP Application Support Services because:

  • Practically, all complex systems have errors. Even with thorough testing scenarios, there might be cases that occur rarely. Correcting a detected errors in a timely manner is an important part of the system life cycle
  • Customers who receive 24×7 SAP Application Support Services for their applications, are able to deal with a problem quickly, regardless of the time of day or night
  • All systems must adapt to a changing world
  • Synergy of the customer internal team and the support provider team ensures high performance, successful development, and support of customer’s systems

Collaborating with a trusted IT support team helps in this journey.

Incident Management

The main objective of Incident Management is to ensure that the impact of incidents on the customer’s business is minimal.

Incident Management from IBA Group includes the following main services:

  • Providing emergency fixes for very urgent incidents
  • Analyzing and fixing user and implementation errors
  • Providing fixes for application code errors

For Incident Management, IBA Group uses an ITIL-aligned traditional Multi-Level Support and Intelligent Swarming service model.

A typical support approach consists of multiple levels, where tickets are transferred according to their complexity.

SAP Support

For very urgent incidents resolution, our SAP Support Services teams use Intelligent Swarming. With this approach, IBA Group quickly assesses, prioritizes, discusses, and resolves the incident.

SAP Support2

Problem Management

The main objective of Problem Management is to minimize the impact of incidents on customer’s business, eliminate the number of recurring incidents, and reduce the impact of the incidents by providing workarounds and documenting known errors.

IBA Group uses the following two approaches to Problem Management:

  • Reactive Problem Management: finding and eliminating the root causes of known errors and reoccurring incidents
  • Proactive Problem Management: doing incident trend analysis, monitoring system logs and other sources

IBA Group’s Problem Resolution Process

SAP Support 3

Change Management

IBA Group’s SAP Support Services teams focus on Change Management in software development projects. The main objective of Change Management is to coordinate change preparation and support change implementation.

We work on the changes that may arise from the following sources:

  • Incidents and problems investigated in Incident/Problem Management
  • Changes in client requirements
  • Results of interim tests show that a different solution is required

IBA Group’s Change Management Process

SAP Support 4

Release Management

IBA Group applies Release Management to oversee all stages of a significant software change or of introduction of new software from development and testing to production deployment.

In Release Management, IBA Group uses a traditional Waterfall approach and a flexible iterative Agile approach.

Service Request Management

IBA Group utilizes an established Service Request Management process to assist users in their daily operations.

The list of IBA Group’s SAP Support Services, for which users can create service requests includes, but is not limited to:

  • User consultation
  • User education
  • Creation of a new system ID
  • Creation and update of use roles
  • Creation and update of user instructions

Similar to incidents, all service requests are submitted and recorded in an issue registration tool. Our support specialists maintain the service request workflow from new request submission to closure.

IBA Group Service Request Management Process

SAP Support 5

Knowledge Management

At IBA Group, we apply Knowledge Management to create, organize, utilize, and maintain our knowledge resources.

Within the SAP Application Support Services, we create and/or maintain the project Knowledge Base that contains fixes suggested for specific types of incidents, possible causes and impacts, sequences of resolution steps, known errors, user guides and instructions, FAQs, etc.

Keeping the Knowledge Base up-to-date, we provide users with self-service resources to resolve basic issues, improve user experience, increase user satisfaction, and help customers free more experienced resources to focus on complex issues.

Access Control

Access Control is a very important element of security. It is essential to avoid unauthorized access to SAP systems and to user data.

To provide centralized management of user roles and permissions, IBA Group’s SAP Access Control includes the following services:

  • Defining user roles and permissions and assigning them to specific User IDs according to project requirements
  • Managing user roles and permissions from a single location
  • Doing Segregation of Duties analysis
  • Providing and removing access
  • Tracking access usage

Additional Support in Closure of Financial Periods in SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA

Dependent on project requirements, IBA Group’s support service teams can provide extended support in periods of financial closure. Our SAP Support Services include but are not limited to:

  • Providing additional capacity to resolve issues in month or quarter closure
  • Supporting the customer in activities related to the fiscal year closure, e.g. number range reset, etc.

Extended SAP Basis Support Services

The Extended SAP Basis Support Services from IBA Group include but are not limited to:

  • Proactive system monitoring
  • SAP solutions and application support services
  • Routine administrative activities

We bring our knowledge of SAP complexities and challenges, along with a deep understanding of what it means to be a real partner to businesses in creating and maintaining sustainable outcomes for you. With IBA Group, your critical SAP applications are up-to-date and running at optimal performance.

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