Julia Kanaikina

Delivery Manager

IBA Group

Julia Kanaikina joined IBA Group as a Software Developer in 2009, and she was promoted to Project Manager soon after. Since then, she has been playing a key role in various Mainframe system development projects for industry leaders such as IBM, Fujitsu, and Rocket. Due to her exceptional performance and comprehensive understanding of the software development process, she was promoted to the position of a Delivery Manager in 2022.

As a Delivery Manager, Julia establishes and maintains strong client relationships, ensuring timely and customer-centric delivery of projects, while managing risks and resolving customer and team issues during project initiation and implementation. She defines and estimates project scope, prioritizes tasks, and manages teams using Agile methodologies. With extensive experience in managing cross-functional teams, Julia is highly skilled in project management.

Julia’s educational background includes a degree in Automated System of Information Processing from 2010, a Master of Science degree from 2011, and an MBA degree from 2017. In 2020, she received a Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate from the US Project Management Institute.

In recognition of her dedication and contributions, Julia Kanaikina was granted the title of an honorary IBA Group employee in 2015.

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