A Message of Gratitude from Our IBA Group Team

November 24, 2020  |  Andrew Dvirnyk

This week, we are so excited to be celebrating Thanksgiving with our US clients and friends. Even though this year has been full of challenges and circumstances no one could anticipate, we feel honored to be able to take a moment to come together to acknowledge the gratitude we have for all of our partners and clients. And for all we have been able to do together this year.

Here at IBA Group, everything we do is about more than simply providing the best solutions and strategies for our customers. Every member of our teams, from developers and engineers, to sales and marketing professionals, all the way up to our executive team, considers it our mission to provide SMART solutions for our clients and partners.

What does that mean? Well, it means that in the office and out of the office, we commit to sustainability, multi-faceted problem solving, automation that makes a real difference, reliability, and trust.

And so, this week, as we all pause for a moment of gratitude, we look at some of the ways our SMART ethos helps to make things easier, more efficient, and more beneficial for you.


From outsourcing to SAP migration, and everything in between, we see our client engagements as real, personal interactions. So, even though we have been working on mainframe and problem solving for businesses of all sizes and leading in automation for three decades, we approach every client interaction as the unique and important relationship it is.

That means that YOU, your needs, your challenges, and your goals are at the center of everything we do. We are grateful for every opportunity to get to know more about your business, to listen to your insights and objectives, and to show we care enough to deliver the best for you. Every time.


Our success is your success. That is an important part of why we partner with you to make your business work better. In fact, creativity and success are born from expertise and collaboration. And we consider it part of our mission to deliver both.

We are grateful to collaborate with businesses that provide essential services like banking, energy delivery, and transportation. In our own way, and as a team, we have much to be proud of, and we are grateful to continue making businesses run more smoothly no matter the challenges they face.


Our IBA Group experienced engineers are driven by excellence to work tirelessly for you. We go above and beyond because the work matters. The people behind the work matter. And every person you serve matters. Your customers are your greatest asset, and we protect and preserve that asset on a daily basis.

We are grateful for the trust you give us – and the trust you have given us – for over three decades. And it is in that spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving that we continue to honor our commitment to working for you tirelessly and proudly.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for putting your trust in us.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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