Aleh Lapushanski

Division Director

IBA Group

Aleh Lapushanski started his career at IBA Group in 2006 as a Software Engineer. His diligence and experience led him to the position of Division Director in 2022.

During his work at IBA Group, Aleh has been an active participant and organizer of courses and workshops in advanced software technologies, project management, and team management methodologies. In his current position, Aleh’s major responsibility is managing IBA Group’s production division.

In 2016, Aleh organized free university courses in Applied Multiplatform Programming. Since then, Aleh’s team has conducted 11 courses that helped many talented university students start their career at IBA.

Aleh graduated in 2006 with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics. For his dedicated work, he received numerous awards and the title of an honorary employee of IBA Group.

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